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Featured Article - Tower of Trials

The Tower of Trails is a high difficulty player challenge. Players play with minimal equipment and advance from floor to floor.


The Tower of Trials is located along spawn road. One may follow the tracks from the spawn gate straight past the shops. The tower will be on the left.
Alternatively a player may use /warp tot to reach the tower instantly.

Once at the entrance there is a minecart that will take players up into the tower itself.


The Tower of Trials has special rules that are enforced within its walls
  1. No outside items permitted - You will be unable to start the first trial if you have any weapons/armor/items in your inventory or being worn.
  2. Most commands are disabled. Players may use the following commands within the tower
    • /suicide
    • /me
    • /money
    • /msg
    • /r
    • /tell
  3. Hunger does not decrease

Rest Areas

Rest areas are located throughout the tower. Here players may relax & heal. All rest areas are equipped with a portal to exit the tower. If a player leaves though they have to restart the tower from the beginning.

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